Stilnox purchase Australia

Stilnox Australia is generally prescribed to maintain and initiate sleep among patients, who suffer from sleeping issues and cannot fall asleep (also known as insomnia). Comparing to other sleeping drugs, Stilnox Australia contains a special chemical structure, which is different from other products. The performance and effectiveness of Stilnox Australia is based on binding to special areas in the brain, which can produce sleep for a person. Please, make sure you ask your physician all associated questions about Stilnox as well as reasons why it was prescribed for you. This drug can only be prescribed by a doctor and is not available for everyone in pharmacies. It is not recommended to take Stilnox Australia more than 4 weeks at a time. In order to ensure you do not overdose Stilnox, please consult with your doctor about the dosage, since it is subject to your age, gender and health conditions.

Side Effects

Please, make sure you inform your doctor in case, if you observe or experience any of the following symptoms:

  • fatigue;
  • drowsiness;
  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • nightmares;
  • insomnia;
  • hallucinations;
  • agitation;
  • abdominal pain;
  • nausea, diarrhoea and vomiting;
  • muscle weakness;
  • infections of the throat, nose and/or chest;

In addition, there are some other effects, which are less common comparing to ones listed above:

  • Strange changes in person’s behaviour: confusion, rage, irritability and other types of unusual behaviour;
  • Dangerous and strange behaviours, while person is asleep: sleep walking, talking while sleeping etc.;
  • Short-term memory loss;
  • When mixed with alcohol, Stilnox Australia can increase the risk of occurrence of such unwanted behaviours, as sleep walking and others.


Kindly familiarize yourself with the list of precautions that you should keep in mind prior to taking Stilnox Australia. You should abstain from taking Stilnox, if you have:

  • sleep apnoea (temporary inability to breath while sleeping);
  • been recently drinking alcohol or suspect to have alcohol in your bloodstream;
  • myasthenia gravis (characterized by quick weakness and tiredness in muscles);
  • serious liver, kidneys or lungs problems.
  • Experience depression;
  • Suffer from epilepsy, schizophrenia;
  • Plan to undergo a surgery soon;

Besides that, it is also prohibited to take Stilnox Australia, if you have allergy to this drug or any of its ingredients. Typical symptoms of allergic reaction may include: itching, skin rash, swelling of the face, lips or tongue, shortness of breath and others.

Keep Stilnox away from children and do not give it to patients younger than 18 years old. Abstain from taking Stilnox, if you are pregnant or plan to get pregnant soon. Do not take Stilnox, if you are a breastfeeding mother, as it can pass to the child via breast milk.

Make sure you take Stilnox before the expiry date provided on the medicine pack. Avoid from taking this drug, if the packaging is damaged.

Avoid overdoes of this medication, because it can cause lethal effects, if taken in large amounts.

It is also advised to maintain consultations with your personal doctor on constant basis, while taking Stilnox Australia. It is necessary in order to ensure that you do not get affected by this drug in any way. Please, make sure you obtain a full detailed leaflet of this medicine and keep it for your reference. You can order Stilnox Australia online and get in touch with customer support in case, if you have any questions regarding it.