Valium Australia Online

Valium Australia (also known as diazepam) represents a benzodiazepine derivative. Valium Australia is usually prescribed for anxiety disorders management or for short-term relief from the anxiety symptoms. Anxiety or tension related to the daily stress usually doesn’t require a prescribed treatment with an anxiolytic. Valium Australia may be also useful in cases when the symptomatic relief is required from tremor, acute agitation, impending delirium tremens as well as hallucinosis.

Valium can also be a useful adjunct for skeletal muscle spasm relief, which was caused by reflex spasm to local pathology (i.e. inflammation of the muscles or joints, or secondary effects after trauma), spasms caused by upper motor neuron disorders, athetosis etc. Oral Valium Australia may be also used in cases of convulsive disorders in adjunction with other major treatments, even though it has not been approved to be useful as the sole treatment therapy.

Drug Description

Valium Australia (colourless to light yellow compound of crystalline form) is insoluble in water and available for oral administration as tablets containing 2 mg, 5 mg or 10 mg diazepam. In addition to the major active ingredient diazepam, each Valium tablet contains such inactive ingredients as: corn starch, anhydrous lactose calcium stearate and pregelatinized starch.

Side Effects

Valium Australia may cause such allergic reactions as: hives, swelling of face, throat, tongue, lips, difficulties in breathing. Please, do not hesitate to get an instant emergency medical help in case if you experience any of symptoms listed above. Contact your doctor if you experience: hallucinations, confusion, unusual behaviour, no fear of danger, hyperactivity, aggression, agitation, hostility, heavily depressed mood, ideas of committing suicide or hurting yourself, feeling close to loss of consciousness; shallow or weak breathing etc.

Most commonly reported side effects are: fatigue, drowsiness, ataxia and muscle weakness. In addition, there are other side effects that can be observed:

  • Central Nervous System: confusion, depression, dysarthria, headache, tremor, slurred speech;
  • Special Senses: blurred vision, dizziness;
  • Gastrointestinal System: nausea, constipation, gastrointestinal discomfort;
  • Cardiovascular System: hypotension etc.;
  • Psychiatric and Paradoxical Reactions: restlessness, stimulation, anxiety, aggressiveness, irritability, agitation, hallucinations, psychoses, etc.;
  • Urogenital System: changes in libido, incontinence, urinary retention;
  • Skin and Appendages: skin reactions and irritations;
  • Laboratories: alkaline phosphatase and elevated transaminases;
  • Other: changes in salivation (e.g. dry mouth and hypersalivation).

Should any of these occur, the use of Valium Australia should be discontinued immediately. Valium is not recommended in case of treatment of psychotic patients and should never be used as a major treatment.


Before taking Valium Australia (diazepam), please ensure that you have consulted with your doctor regarding your allergic reactions to it as well as other benzodiazepines (e.g. lorazepam, alprazolam). Kindly consult with your pharmacist to get more details and avoid any other allergic reactions or issues.

There is a list of precautions and certain medical conditions, which you should be aware of prior to using this drug. Patients with glaucoma (narrow-angle), certain type of muscle diseases (e.g. myasthenia gravis), breathing issues during sleep (sleep apnea) should undergo a complete consultation. Please provide your personal physician with your medical history: kidney disease, liver disease, breathing/lung problems (e.g., COPD), alcohol/drug abuse etc.

Basically, the use of diazepam by women with childbearing potential and during pregnancy should be taken in consideration only in cases when the clinical situation excludes any risk or harm to the fetus. Diazepam can enter into breast milk; hence breastfeeding is not recommended for patients receiving Valium. Valium Australia should be taken with care during labor and delivery, because high doses may cause irregularities in the heart rate and hypotonia, hypothermia, moderate respiratory depression and others. For any additional information about Valium Australia please consult with customer support or familiarize yourself with drug detailed description at your doctor’s office.