Avanza Australia is generally prescribed for treatment of depression and relapse prevention. Depression is usually characterized by longer period and more severe symptoms rather than “low moods”, which everyone may frequently face due to the stress of life faced every day. It is by a chemical imbalance among brain parts. It ultimately affects the entire body and may result in such emotional and physical symptoms as loss of interest in usual activities, feeling low in spirit, inability to enjoy life, imbalanced sleep, poor appetite or overeating, tendency to wake up early, problems in sexual aspects, low energy levels etc.

Avanza Australia corrects the chemical imbalance occurring in your brain and relieves the main depression symptoms. However, your doctor may also prescribe Avanza for other purposes. Hereby, do not hesitate to ask your physician, in case if you have any arising questions related to Avanza Australia, as well as reasons why it has been prescribed to you. You cannot simply buy Avanza Australia in a pharmacy, because it can be only available prescribed by a qualified doctor.

Your physician will advise you the amount of Avanza Australia you should take every day. Please, make sure you take the exact amount as specified by your doctor. The standard starting dosage is 15mg per day. However, your physician may gradually increase the dosage in accordance with your response to Avanza Australia treatment. Generally, the most effective dosage for majority of people usually ranges from 30mg to 45mg per day. But your physician may still prescribe a different dose to you, based on your health conditions and severity of the sickness.

Majority of antidepressants usually take some time to have an effect on patient’s body, so do not get disappointed if you don’t notice improvements right away. Certain symptoms may improve already after 1 or 2 weeks. However, it can take 2 – 4 weeks in order to feel the real benefit of Avanza Australia.

Side Effects

Avanza Australia is absolutely not addictive. However, it is always good to keep in touch with your doctor during the period of taking Avanza Australia. Hereby, do not hesitate to get in touch with your physician, if you notice one of the following symptoms:

  • drowsiness, lethargy and/or sleepiness;
  • headache, tiredness, dizziness;
  • increase in appetite and quick weight gain;
  • dryness, swelling or feeling of numbness in mouth;
  • nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, constipation
  • aggression, anxiety, insomnia, nightmare, hyperactivity;
  • pain in joints, back, muscles.

Immediately get in touch with your doctor or call the Emergency, if you observe any of the following symptoms as well:

  • epileptic attack (seizures);
  • suicidal ideas;
  • shaking and/or tremors;
  • attacks of excessive excitability (mania);
  • rapid changes of heart rhythm;
  • fainting
  • yellowish eyes or skin (possible problems with liver function)
  • skin rash, itchiness, hives;
  • swelling of lips, face, tongue.


All ideas of suicide or unexplained violence must be taken very serious, as it is very important for your own safety. Inform your physician, if you become pregnant during Avanza Australia treatment. Please, do not abruptly stop taking Avanza Australia unless you have a permission from your doctor.

Patients (women) taking Avanza Australia shortly before the birth of child, should keep the baby supervised in order to verify any possible adverse effects. Consult with your doctor whether you are allowed to continue breastfeeding, while taking Avanza Australia.

Please, make sure you take Avanza Australia on time, otherwise inform your doctor about any reason why you have not taken the medicine exactly on time like was prescribed. Make sure to maintain all the appointments with your physician in order to keep track of your progress. You may require to take blood tests during the treatment period.

All additional information and detailed description may be found online, at official distributor or via customer support.