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Prolonged or regular contact between gastric juice and the esophagus can lead to unpleasant symptoms, as well as inflammation or damage to the esophagus. The inhibitor of the proton pump Nexium reduces the production of stomach acid and thereby minimizes its effect on the esophagus.

Nexium is available for sale in Australia and many other countries worldwide. The drug prevents acid formation and offers real solutions for people, who suffer from various types of acid-dependent diseases.

Nexium drug was approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in December, 2010. AstraZeneca Company is the holder of the registration certificate.

Pink, oblong Nexium tablets contain 20 mg or 40 mg of the active substance Esomeprazole. AstraZeneca supplies Nexium to Australia in various packages:

  • Blister pack – 7, 15, 30 or 100 tablets.
  • HDPE bottles – 100 tablets.

The frequency and amount of Nexium tablets depends on the type and severity of acid-dependent diseases. For example, patients who are going through the treatment of the erosive reflux esophagitis, should take a 40 mg Nexium dose approximately every 24 hours, within a month.

If the decrease in acid secretion is necessary for healing stomach ulcers, patients should take a dose of Nexium 20 mg every day for 1-2 months. The initial dose for Zollinger-Ellison syndrome (ZES) therapy is 40 mg twice daily. The dosage of Nexium can be increased up to 160 mg per day.

Just like most other drugs from the proton pump inhibitor group, Nexium tablets must be swallowed whole. If you chew the tablets, the granules contained in them will be damaged. As a result, the desired therapeutic effect will not be achieved.

If it is not recommended by your doctor, you should bit take Nexium with other medicines, even with those that you can buy over the counter (OTC) in Australia.

  • Nexium can be taken with appropriate antibiotics for the eradication of H. Pylori.
  • Nexium is taken with Clarithromycin and Amoxicillin to prevent the recurrence of peptic ulcers.

Nexium can cause adverse reactions by itself or if used with other drugs. The list of Nexium side effects includes dry mouth, headache, insomnia, flatulence, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and constipation.

If they do occur, your doctor should weigh the benefit of further Nexium use against the adverse effects. Almost all side effects, except for allergic reactions, are easily controlled by the daily dose reduction.

The effects of Nexium were carefully studied by the TGA. Obtaining an authorization means that the benefits of the new drug exceed potential risks. Therefore, you can use this drug and be confident in its effectiveness and safety.

As a rule, the cost of Nexium is not an obstacle for the treatment of acid-dependent diseases. Nevertheless, Nexium price in Australia is not fixed, and may differ in two neighboring pharmacies.

Online pharmacies offer the lowest prices for Nexium:

  • Tablets of 20mg (30 pcs.) – $ 19
  • Tablets of 40 mg (30 pcs.) – $ 28

It should be noted that thanks to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) program, patients can buy Nexium at a lower price.

Patients with digestive system diseases get many benefits by ordering Nexium online. Besides saving their money, they don’t need time to visit the pharmacy on their own.

Disabled and elderly people are no longer dependent on family members. Now they can find and get a cheap Nexium without leaving home. Online pharmacies provide consumers with instant access to information and provide easy access to essential pharmaceutical products.

If you think that finding and buying Nexium online in Australia is very difficult, you have quite a wrong idea. It is enough to perform a few simple steps and one of the best drugs to reduce the acid secretion will be sent to the specified address.

Simplicity and accessibility are the main advantages of such pharmacies. Patients do not need to go to an online pharmacy. You simply order 20 mg or 40 mg Nexium tablets at any time of the day, and they will be delivered by a courier.

Buying Nexium online is a good, yet not the only way to save on the therapy of acid-dependent diseases. The best way to save money is to buy Nexium generics online.

A lot of drugs are authorized in Australia that contain 20 mg or 40 mg of the active substance Esomeprazole (generics Nexium). Suppliers of these proton pump inhibitors are such pharmaceutical companies, as:

  • Sandoz
  • Medis
  • Amneal
  • Ranbaxy
  • Arrow

In accordance with the patent protection terms, Nexium generics can be produced and supplied by any pharmaceutical companies that met all the requirements of the TGA.

Today, you can buy a Nexium generic online in Australia under the name Esomeprazole Sandoz (approved by the TGA in February 2014). The price of 30 Esomeprazole 20mg tablets is approximately $ 12. Tablets of 40 mg cost about $ 18.