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Osteoarthritis still is one of the osteoarticular apparatus diseases that hit the Australian adults most often. The effective nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) remain the drugs of choice for therapy of these conditions.

Its favorable pharmacokinetic profile and good tolerability place Meloxicam among the most effective NSAIDs in Australia.

Since the drug satisfies the basic requirements for medicines that are intended for reducing inflammatory processes, it has been widely used in clinical practice over twenty years.

Various trials prove the curative properties of Meloxicam to be identical to those of other representatives. In addition, its selectivity to the enzyme of cyclooxygenase type 2 (COX-2) was proven to be higher.

This medicine reduces prostaglandins production in the focus of inflammation. This, in its turn, alleviates the pain severity, as well as the periarticular tissues edema.

Treatment of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis should be directed to:

  • Deceleration of disease progression;
  • Reduction of the inflammatory process and pain syndrome;
  • Reduction in the frequency of exacerbations and affection of new joints;
  • Improving the quality of patient’s life;

The results of studies also prove that Meloxicam provides a steady positive effect of therapy and leads to a decrease in the frequency, intensity and duration of joint diseases exacerbations.

Meloxicam has a pronounced analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity, yet it acts milder than traditional NSAIDs, so it is used when patient requires long-term use.

Meloxicam in Australian patients is used for the expectant therapy of the mentioned degenerative joints diseases in people of both genders aged 18 and older. Common characteristics of these rheumatoid and degenerative arthritis types include edema, local fever and a strong pain syndrome in the affected joint.

They significantly reduce the life quality and can result in premature disability. Thus, once you notice any signs of these disorders in yourself, you should immediately start a comprehensive treatment to delay their development.

  • In terms of efficacy and tolerability, Meloxicam is one of the best studied.

Meloxicam is available to Australians only in oral form. Capsules and tablets of the drug are delivered to local pharmacies in two dosages: 7.5 mg and 15 mg.

Meloxicam is classified as a prescription (S4) drug, yet you can buy it in an online pharmacy without a prescription for urgent need.

When administered orally, the bioavailability of the drug is about 90% and is not dependent on food intake. The half-life is 20 hours, which allows for once-a-day administration.

It is noted that Meloxicam easily penetrates into the synovial fluid. An hour after a single oral intake, the drug concentration in the blood plasma reaches 45-50%.

Most Australians on Meloxicam note a pronounced analgesic already 30-45 minutes after the intake of a drug dose, which lasts up to 24 hours.

The maximum effect is observed after 2 hours and intensifies with each day of treatment. Due to the long half-life, Meloxicam tablets are taken once a day.

Usual recommendations for the beginning of a treatment course with Meloxicam:

  • start the treatment with low doses of the drug,
  • do not exceed the maximum dose of 15 mg per day.

The dosage regimen is set individually for each patient, based on the severity of his pain and the intensity of the inflammatory process.

To treat osteoarthritis, 7.5 mg of Meloxicam per day is prescribed for most patients. Depending on the result obtained and the effect required, the dose may be increased to 15 mg/day.

As rule, doctors start treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with Meloxicam dose of 15 mg. Patients, who suffer from severe renal impairment and require regular blood cleanse via the “artificial kidney”, should not exceed 7.5 mg.

Positive effects that the majority of Australians notice while on Meloxicam include:

  • relieved morning stiffness
  • reduced pain in the joints during movement
  • alleviation of joints pain over nights

However, Meloxicam doesn’t solely contribute to an effective management of pain syndrome and the improvement of patient’s life quality.

Prolonged use of the drug (more than a month) is associated with a certain risk of unwanted effects, such as colitis, gastritis, drowsiness, headache, and increased blood pressure, which you can prevent by complying with recommendations for the drug use and the dosing regimen.

Meloxicam comes to the Australian market under the trade names Meloxibindo, Rumicam, Mobic, Melox, Agilocam, Movalis, Meloxyk, Moxicam, and Melored.

Meloxicam remains one of the most sought-after representatives of the NSAID group. To date, more than one hundred million patients worldwide are going through therapy with this drug.