Kamagra is not sold in conventional Austrian pharmacies, yet you can always buy this drug online. Today, Kamagra brand is no less famous than Viagra, and many Australians do not understand why this drug is not sold in pharmacies.

Only those drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are allowed for sale in Australia that are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). At present, Kamagra drug is not approved by the TGA and, therefore, is not available in regular drugstores.

The manufacturer of Kamagra is Ajanta (India). This leading pharmaceutical company is engaged in the development, production and marketing of drugs, including the ones intended for the treatment of ED.

Ajanta Company entered the international market and already supplies its products to the markets of the USA, Asia and Africa. It is possible that Ajanta gets interested in the Australian market, will obtain an approval from the TGA, and Kamagra will be on sale in the near future. Until then, Kamagra will be available in online pharmacies.

The manufacturer of Kamagra understands the needs of its customers and uses the most advanced technologies and innovative solutions to meet them. Today, you can buy Kamagra pills online, as well as:

  • Oral jelly
  • Effervescent tablets
  • Chew tablets

Conventional tablets should be washed down with water, which is not always convenient. Oral jelly Kamagra is much easier to use, compared to regular tablets and has several pleasant tastes (vanilla, pineapple, banana or strawberry).

In addition to various pharmaceutical forms, another important Kamagra advantage is its price. It is the reason why men with erectile dysfunction prefer to use Kamagra.

The price of Viagra in Australia can alienate men from taking the medicine as needed. Some men refuse from the ED pharmacotherapy when they find out the cost of the branded drug. This is especially relevant for those, who rarely encounter problems with erectile function, or in whom these problems are rather mild.

Viagra costs more than $ 80. And this price is only for 4 tablets, and not for a large package. It should be noted that patients, who have benefits, can buy this drug at a lower price.

Kamagra contains the active substance Sildenafil and is a Viagra generic. Viagra generics, approved by the TGA, cost more than $ 70. You can save on generic drugs in Australian pharmacies, yet not to a significant extent.

To restore sexual confidence in bed and save a lot on treatment, buy Kamagra in Australia online. The price of Kamagra can depend on the place of purchase, the size of the package or the dosage strength.

The price of 20 Kamagra 100mg pills is about $ 50. One tablet costs about $ 2.5. This price is more than 5 times lower, than the price of Sildenafil pills that are approved by the TGA.

Kamagra jelly is a little more expensive, than tablets. Yet due to the ease of its use, they are still very popular among men.

If you order Kamagra jelly in Australia in an online shop, the cost of one jelly sachet will amount to about $ 3.5. The larger the size of the package, the lower the cost of one sachet with jelly.

The cost of Kamagra is the main criterion for choosing the place of purchase. The time and cost of delivery can become other important factors, as well.

Some online pharmacies include the cost of delivery in Kamagra price. Nevertheless, most online pharmacies deliver Kamagra for an additional fee.

If you are satisfied with the price and you chose an online pharmacy, make sure that they can deliver Kamagra to your place of residence. There are places, in which delivery of drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is difficult.

If you order Kamagra in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or other major Australian cities, the cost and time of delivery will be lower. If you live in remote areas, the delivery conditions may change.

You should further familiarize yourself with the payment terms. Most online shops accept credit cards and use the most convenient and modern payment systems, such as PayPal.

Kamagra will be delivered to Australia after you pay for your order. If you have a coupon, provide it, and you will get a discount. If you are placing a repeated order in a specific online pharmacy, you also have the possibility to get a discount.

Confirmation of the order is available online or by phone. Depending on the chosen delivery method, you will receive Kamagra within 5-21 days. As a rule, the delivery time does consider the delay time of Kamagra at the customs.

If you are used to making online purchases, then you will have no problems with placing your order for Kamagra. If you are ordering Kamagra online in Australia for the first time, you can find useful tips on the forums. Employees of online pharmacies will gladly answer any questions that you have.