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Advantix Australia is aimed to be applied on dogs in order to kill fleas, sandflies and ticks. Advantix Australia can prevent many dog diseases and keep your pet healthy for a long period of time. The main constituents of Advantix are imidacloprid and permethrin.

Imidacloprid holds the main function of controlling flea infestations on your pet. Imidacloprid damages the key receptors located in the central nervous system of the fleas, which leads to its death. However, it is not so effective against ticks. Permethrin represents a manmade version of pyrethrin (derived from chrysanthemum plants). Its main function is to kill and repel ticks as well as mosquitoes on your pets. However, it is unsafe to apply it to cats.

Advantix Australia should be applied to the back of the neck. It quickly and effectively spreads across your pet’s body during 24 hours through the oil glands. Advantix Australia should be applied every 30 days. It is always best to maintain the schedule and use Advantix on the same day every month. Like this, it will effectively treat and prevent the appearance of fleas as well as other parasites.

Caution, do not give Imidacloprid to your pet via mouth! Spread the hair on your pet’s neck slightly above the shoulder blades, so that the skin gets exposed. Squeeze and drag the tube contents onto your pet’s skin. Do not massage into skin. Do not apply to the wet or damaged skin.

Imidacloprid works by initiating the degradation of the acetylcholine receptor, which is located inside flea’s nervous system. Acetylcholine represents an essential neurotransmitter. The disruption of flea’s receptors leads to further impairment of insect’s central nervous system. As result, the majority of the fleas on your pet body will be dead during 12 hours. On other hand, Permethrin kills ticks and other types of insects via binding to their nerve endings and then paralyzing their entire central nervous system.

Side Effects

It is very crucial to track the conditions of your pet during the period of taking Advantix Australia. In case, if you discover any of the following side effects or symptoms, please consult with the qualified doctor and get immediate medical assistance:

  • Drooling;
  • Vomiting;
  • Irritation in the area of Advantix application;


It is of high importance not to give Imidacloprid to pregnant of lactating pets, because it can easily be transmitted with milk or via bloodstream and affect the foetus. Maintain a close monitoring throughout the entire treatment period in order to ensure that Advantix Australia works effectively without having and drastic and/or undesired effect on your pet.

Make sure you use Advantix Australia with maximum care, while giving it to pets with kidney disease, liver disease, heart disease. Ensure you do not give permethrin to cats. Generally, Advantix Australia is safe to apply to dogs, which are older than 7 weeks Aging and Use with maximum caution when giving this medicine to aging or debilitated pets. Keep your pet away from bathing and/or shampoo washing during the period of 48 hours after the medicine application. Make sure to avoid any human contact with this medicine once application for your pet is over.

In order to ensure successfulness of treatment, please obtain detailed leaflet or directly consult with doctor and customer support in order to get the maximum information about Advantix Australia.